Source code for sanic_transmute.swagger

from transmute_core.swagger import (
import json
from sanic.response import HTTPResponse
from sanic import Blueprint

STATIC_ROOT = "/_swagger/static"
SWAGGER_KEY = "_sanic_transmute_swagger"

def get_swagger_spec(app):
    if not hasattr(app, SWAGGER_KEY):
        setattr(app, SWAGGER_KEY, SwaggerSpec())
    return getattr(app, SWAGGER_KEY)

[docs]def add_swagger(app, json_route, html_route): """ a convenience method for both adding a swagger.json route, as well as adding a page showing the html documentation """ app.add_route(create_swagger_json_handler(app), json_route, methods=["GET"]) add_swagger_api_route(app, html_route, json_route)
def add_swagger_api_route(app, target_route, swagger_json_route): """ mount a swagger statics page. app: the sanic app object target_route: the path to mount the statics page. swagger_json_route: the path where the swagger json definitions is expected to be. """ static_root = get_swagger_static_root() swagger_body = generate_swagger_html( STATIC_ROOT, swagger_json_route ).encode("utf-8") async def swagger_ui(request): return HTTPResponse(body_bytes=swagger_body, content_type="text/html") bp = Blueprint('swagger') bp.static(STATIC_ROOT, static_root) app.add_route(swagger_ui, target_route, methods=["GET"]) app.blueprint(bp) def create_swagger_json_handler(app, **kwargs): """ Create a handler that returns the swagger definition for an application. This method assumes the application is using the TransmuteUrlDispatcher as the router. """ spec = get_swagger_spec(app) _add_blueprint_specs(app, spec) spec_dict = spec.swagger_definition(**kwargs) encoded_spec = json.dumps(spec_dict).encode("UTF-8") async def swagger(request): return HTTPResponse( body_bytes=encoded_spec, headers={ "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "*" }, content_type="application/json", ) return swagger def _add_blueprint_specs(app, root_spec): for name, blueprint in app.blueprints.items(): if hasattr(blueprint, SWAGGER_KEY): spec = getattr(blueprint, SWAGGER_KEY) for path, path_item in spec.paths.items(): if blueprint.url_prefix: path = blueprint.url_prefix + path root_spec.add_path(path, path_item)